Scorched Earth

The Assault

Corpse Ramps

When last we left our . . . heroes . . . they had just finished massacring around 25 slavers (in groups of 3-6) patrolling the outer walls of the compound where Richard’s wife was being held. Due to poor communication plans among the slavers (they are slavers, not ex-military geniuses) there was no check in protocal and, as a result, many, many slaver patrols were killed by Lantus, Sal, Malar, Plato and Red with the help of silencers and scopes. Not until one lucky slaver got a shout of warning out did they encounter any real danger. Shortly a group of 12 came stalking cautiously around the compound wall and the ensuing un-silenced gun battle gave the remaining slavers clear warning of the danger to come. Our heroes escaped this battle mostly unscathed except for a Lethal wound to Sal.

While Lantus patched up Sal the rest of the group debated various plans for assaulting the compound. Finally, as Lantus finished her work on Sal, Malar suggested building a siege ramp using the corpses of the slavers that had hidden behind the hill during their previous sniping activity. Though disturbed by this suggestion, the group agreed it would be completely unexpected and in short order, and thanks to an unexplainable architectural gift for stacking corpses that Lantus demonstrated, the group was climbing over the wall behind one of the buildings lining the walls of the oval compound.

Immediately Malar alerted the group to the presence of someone inside the first building they came to, saying he could “sense their thoughts”. Skeptical but willing to investigate the party quietly entered the building by a side door and discovered one of several slave quarters. Small, cramped rooms lined the walls and the central area of the building. While discussing what to do with the slaves and whether to allow the one that had noticed them go with them, Richard turned up leading all the others from the house, declaring that all the guards were on alert elsewhere apparently. Only quick persuasion from Lantus prevented the party from having to try to sneak around the compound with a small army of 24 slaves. Leaving Sal and Red in the slave quarters to keep an eye on them . . . er, protect . . . them, the others continued to search the compound.

Soon they discovered that all the slavers were set up at the front gates where they had created a barricade with their trucks. Their numbers looked managable, though there was some concern that their vantage point might not permit a full and true counting. Dividing up, Malar and Plato set up in a barracks directly opposite the gate while Lantus, Sal and Red returned to the guest quarters they had found (and previously cleared of merchants, aka executed) while Richard declared his intent to find his wife and struck off alone. Malar and Plato opened fire on the slavers at the gates, picking them off quietly and in tandem from the back, forward but despite their silencers the slavers soon noticed their comrades falling in sprays of blood.

As the slavers scrambled for cover Red and Lantus laid down cover fire, killing several more slavers and drawing the return fire to their own building in stead of allowing the slavers to search for Malar and Plato. Soon everyone was under full cover and the two snipers no longer had any targets, while the slavers and Lantus and Red each continued to lay down cover fire blindly, with no casualties on either side.

As everyone was settling into a routine of fire and retreat behind cover Sal shouted a warning as slavers came through the back door and the windows into the guest quarters. Likewise, in the barracks occupied by Malar and Plato a handful of slavers appeared at the windows and through the backdoor, pinning Plato behind cover and dealing a Mortal wound to Malar. Without aid or treatment, Malar began losing a lot of blood, fast.

As they attempted to withdraw to the front room of the guest house, Sal and Red both took Lethal wounds and passed out, though their general toughness prevented them from beginning to bleed out. As all parties began to despair of their situation, shouts and gunfire sounded from across the compound. Risking a glimpse out the window, Richard could be seen leading a charge of all the slaves, armed with weapons from the slavers’ own storehouse. Quickly the slavers in the open were cut down while those pinning down Plato, Malar, Lantus, Red and Sal withdrew in the confusion.

Freed from his position Lantus checked the wounds of Sal and Red then ran to check on Plato and Malar while Richard and the slaves chased down or ran off the remaining slavers. Arriving just barely in time, Lantus managed to stop Malar’s bleeding and stabilize him.

Afterwards, many of the slaves took what supplies they could carry and left to return home while Richard, his wife, and those who no longer had homes to return to decided to remain in the compound and make it their own. All supplies at the compound were confiscated by the foundling community and rooms were prepared for Malar, Sal and Red to use while they recovered.


Rasselas Rasselas

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