Scorched Earth

The Escape

In our last session, the characters were at the bottom of a darkened research facility with an unknown quantity of enemy forces descending on them. As they prepared to depart and the elevator arrived, they were surprised when the elevator doors opened not onto an empty room or a squad of armsmen but a single, well muscled man carrying a claymore (sword) over his shoulder and with a pistol on his hip.

There was a brief standoff in which each side attempted to discover the intentions of the other but in the end it was determined all had the same goals and in exchange for Swain’s aid in escaping they agreed to share the information they had just obtained.

While they were gathered in the elevator, determining what to do next, the doors shut and it began going up. Quickly they hit another button (for floor 2) and exited as soon as it opened, allowing the elevator to continue on without them. As soon as it stopped, they hit the call button again and prepared to ambush the hapless occupants.

The ambush didn’t go so well at first. Capt. Melosa was hit again and Plato took a lethal wound which laid him out in round 2. Swain stepped in from his hiding place beside the elevator and decapitated one of the armsmen in a single swipe and causing the victim to accidentally shoot his buddy as he attempted to defend himself.

With this fortuitous action, the party was then able to mop up the survivors and begin laying their plans. As they did so, the other elevator at the end of the corridor arrived and there was a brief gunfight in which none of the PC’s took any additional wounds but from which they emerged victorious, aided heavily by one of the armsmen fleeing inexplicably back into the elevator while Malar grinned triumphantly.

Seemingly trapped on the 2nd floor with no escape, the party decided to pile the bodies in the elevators and send them up, with a few choice messages written on the walls (“Who’s next?”).

No one was next. The PC’s sat and stewed for a while until Dai’wen, the SoT agent, stepped in to remind them they had blue prints for this facility on their Data-Card. It was determined that the best route was to climb down a level to 3F and attempt to take a passage labeled “The Bridge” to another section not appearing on their blue prints.

Plato, normally the muscle of the group, was too injured too directly assist Swain in getting the elevator doors open forcefully on their current level as well as 3F but did happen to have exactly the item they needed to proceed safely . . . rappelling equipment. For this the entire party was particularly grateful as it insured they did not risk falling 60+ feet to their deaths.

Upon arrival at “The Bridge” they found an iris door shut tight in light of the fact that the power to the facility was not operational. Dai’wen was the only one with any skill in the C^2 programming language necessary for interfacing with nano-technology and, though he had no nano-bot specific knowledge or experience, managed to get the program on Malar’s device to input the metal-cutting instructions. They quickly loaded the nbots into the nano-tool (looks like a hot-glue gun) and proceeded to direct them along the iris to cut it open.

Once on the other side of the bridge they found themselves in the living quarters of a semi-abandoned vault which also appeared to be missing power. The party maid their way down the hallways and eventually reached a set of stairs and another stand-off with the Heralds armsmen. It should be noted that in this process the party had a single, precious, flashlight and the Heralds were running around with torches (as in, fire on a stick). After another standoff in which Melosa once more nearly died as he was still suffering grievously from the wounds sustained on the 4th floor and his last bullet wound but Swain came through again, decapitating 3 of the 4 armsmen and allowing Lantus to take out the last after she unjammed her rifle.

At last the party was able to reach the first floor, which was temporarily deserted (and thankfully lit) and grab the elevator to the surface. They came out in a well preserved greenhouse behind the facility and fled into the hills. After meeting back up with their SoT companions the group returned to TF 28, healed up and began planning their next move.


Rasselas Rasselas

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