Scorched Earth

The Story, Continued . . .

At the end of the previous post the party was exploring a secret basement in TF44 with the Preservers but had been unable to make any progress with all the power off in the facility.

As they were working on that problem, the elevator activated again and the party was soon in a Mexican Standoff with unknown, but well armed, soldiers. As negotiations opened the party learned that these newcomers were operating under the authority of the Sons of Tolaris (SoT), a group they soon learned is attempting to restore the lost technology of the pre-apocalyptic days in order to ease the burden of life for the remaining people everywhere.

Little headway was made in the initial meeting but the party and Preservers present agreed to depart the facility and leave it in the hands of the SoT. In exchange, the commander of the SoT troops agreed to arrange a meeting between an SoT agent and the party since they seemed to be working towards similar goals in their search for The Renaissance Project.

After returning to TF28 and informing Imelda of their encounter, the party headed back to Salem to meet with the SoT agent. Back in The Broken Glass ( Locations ) the party meets up with an incredibly arrogant and controlling agent of the SoT who is clearly contemptuous of the surroundings in which they are meeting. Eventually and begrudgingly he agrees to partner with them in their mutual goals. He provides a handful of troops to accompany the party and several vehicles which, while at the party’s disposal, still ultimately belong to the SoT. The troops and vehicles are supposed to arrive in a few days or so.

At the end of the session, the players learn that Dal has gone missing. The party had originally left him there when they left to investigate TF28 to keep him safe while they scouted the area and developed their next plan. Now they’re back, and Dal is missing.


Rasselas Rasselas

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