Scorched Earth

The Story so far . . .

I allowed myself to slack off for a couple of sessions and suddenly it was all too much work to get everything added. Despite the fact that we’re on an extended (indefinite) break I want get at least a summary of events posted so that we have a record of the story so far.

After being re-joined by his companions, Malar and crew got out of the vault in a hurry. They encountered some remaining resistance from the raiders occupying it but managed to fight their way out without actually losing anyone. From there they set off for West Salem to re-stock before heading south to Red’s vault to return the water chip they had managed to obtain.

Back in Red’s Vault everyone was welcomed back, if with reservations. They knew Red, but there was distrust there now as well since he was to some degree now an “outsider”. His family, at least, was welcoming and while everyone else got to spend some time meeting the vault dwellers Red got to spend some quality time with his family. All through the next day Red and the others were followed everywhere by an older teen who hadn’t quite matured yet. Pardalian (‘Dal for short) wanted to leave with them when they eventually left and there was dissent among the party as to whether he could or not. Some felt he was old enough to make his own decisions and would benefit from some time out in the world. Red, however, who knew the boy’s family and had seen the dangers of the waste didn’t want him coming.

The evening of the second day the evening meal (not fully communal, but an event many attended regularly anyway) was interrupted by a man in a gray pin-striped suit who wanted to speak with the vault manager. After a brief conversation he left, but not before Lantus recognized him as the psion they fought to get the water chip. The next morning the party was greeted with the sad news that the vault manager was dead, his heart removed and left on the bedside table, no visible wounds were on the body. Additionally, the water chip they had just recovered had been stolen.

When the party left in pursuit Dal smuggled himself into the bed of the truck. The only character who cared to protest didn’t notice since he was the only one able to drive (Red).

The party almost lost everyone to bandits on their trip back to Salem to consult with Anne regarding the man in the pen-striped suit but eventually made it in. Anne didn’t have any information but agreed to ask around, for a fee.

While waiting the party re-visited their favorite tech merchant, Harold Fimmel, and learned that he’d been able to repair the data card. On it, Malar discovered the a map to a number of vaults and other facilities scattered across Oregon and one marked just a few days west of Salem. The party decided to check it out and see if they could secure a replacement water chip to send to Red’s vault while they continued their search for the murderous psion.

The facility west of Salem (Tolaris Facility 28, aka TF28) turned out to be occupied by the Preservation League. Once the potential hostilities had ended the PC’s met with commander Imelda Galvin and learned that the Preservers (as they are known) is an organization that opposes the New Earth Heralds. Commander Galvin tells the PC’s about The Renaissance Project (a terraforming device) and how The Heralds foolishly want to use it to terraform the planet in order to rejuvenate it for greater livability. She further explains that the desire is understandable and laudable but that using the device will cause it to first burn off the current life on the planet.

After learning of the Renaissance Project (RP), the party agreed to aid their repair of TF28 and search for the RP if they could supply Rednar’s Vault with a new working water chip. It was agreed, directions were given and the repairs were begun on the facility. In the process of their repairs, a new potential source of information was discovered, Tolaris Facility 44. Pinpointed on Malar’s Datacard, research at TF28 revealed that TF44 contains some research releated to level 3 technologies.

The party gathered and headed off to TF44, accompanied by TF28 Security Chief Melosa and a handful of soldiers. In TF44 one soldier was lost to the Leaping Rats and one to the Acid Bear. The first floor of the facility proved mostly mundane with nothing above a level 1 Tech level being found. However, discovery of a secret room with an elevator revealed a bit more. In the hidden basement (typical) they discovered a number of computers which they were unable to access and several jet engine-esqe testing facilities and apparatus. There also appeared to be some manufacturing machinery but they were unable to determine what it produced.


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