Anne Miron

Frail and short, Anne carries her age well (62) and sports a youthful, spiky haircut (dyed black) with a spiky crest jutting across her forhead which enhances her bird-like resemblence.


Anne is the owner of The Broken Glass in Salem, Oregon. She is frail and short, with angular features which give her the look of a bird of prey. This look, combined with her spiky, black dyed haircut, combine to impressive effect, taking the focus away from her age (62) and contributing to a willful presence.

Anne is well known to engage in shady dealings, selling any number of things to almost anyone who can pay. She reserves the right of refusal to her clients, which seems to be entirely determined by their civility. Despite how well known her operations are, the local authorities have yet to move in and remove her. Why the authorities have yet to remove her is anyone’s guess, many suspect it is because despite the publicity of her operations, she herself is quite popular and those she does business with are unwilling to speak out against her. Additionally, direct action, while not unheard of against other criminal leaders, does not appear to be something they are willing to consider. Perhaps because of her age, gender, personality or some as yet undiscovered political shield.

Anne herself is kind, ever civil and seems to possess a genuine care for everyone she does business with, often asking about their own well-being and mutual friends and relations. Despite her criminal connections, Anne does not hesitate to take a stand against slavery and refuses to do business with such “bilge scum”.

Anne Miron

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