Pardalien Weirich

Age: 16. Thin; short brown hair; wears a wide brim leather hat.


Originally from Tolaris Vault 76, Pardalien (Dal) is an old friend of Red’s, or so he seems himself. Growing up he had a tendency to follow Red around and looked up to him immensely. After Red left the vault the first time, to find the water chip, he took to wandering around outside the vault and eventually learned to hunt, process his kill and a number of other outdoors skills. When Red returned, Dal fell back on his old habits and behaved extremely immaturely. Even though Red forbade it, by convincing Lantus, Plato and Malar, Dal was able to get a place in the group when his boyhood hero returned to the vault and set out again.

Last seen in West Salem at The Broken Glass, left in the care of the owner, Anne Miron, while the party investigated the nearby Tolaris Facility 28. Dal is now missing.

Pardalien Weirich

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