Lerin Frank

5'5", stocky, broken nose, deep scar on the left side of his mouth.


5’5", stocky with a broken nose and a deep scar on the left side of his mouth that forces it to turn down in a permanent scowl, his head is shaved clean and shiny.


Lerin controls the stone quarry in South Salem and the rest of the southern area with it. His stone is needed by people all over the city and the crystal he brings in affords him some of the best armsman around, allowing him to patrol his territory and put down any disturbances or threats in short order.

The local authorities “allow” him to keep his own peace since they need his stone and, even though they don’t always agree with his methods and decisions, his iron grip on South Salem affords them breathing room and a chance to focus on more troubled areas of the city.

Lerin Frank

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