He is insane


Malar was born in a vault that was attacked by raiders 5 years ago. They overwhelmed the defenses and except for a handful who escaped, everyone who wasn’t killed was rounded up and taken for sale in the slave markets of Salem and Portland.

Malar managed to kill one of the raiders during the fray and used his longcoat and hat as a disguise to get out safely and into the hills where he met up with others who had escaped. The only clue to the identity or origin of the raiders is a data card he found in his pocket but it was damaged in the fight and he hasn’t been able to repair/get it repaired yet.

Recent trouble in Portland drove him and his traveling companion from the vault, Plato, south and west and landed them in Willamina, holding out until things blow over. It’s been about a year now, they didn’t intend to stay this long but they found ways to pass the time and make a little Crystal and every day there seemed to be a new reason to wait just a little bit longer.


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