Richard Wile

Male, 24, 5'10", blonde hair brown eyes.


Originally a merchant from Willamina, Or. Richard is now the mayor of a small village called Richard’s Hope just north-west of West Salem. He is genuine, with an easy-going attitude but when presented with a problem becomes businesslike and direct with a surprisingly commanding presence. In such situations he is more likely to give orders than take them.

Skill Total
Small Guns 40
Dodge 40
Aim 30
Called Shot 30
Command 30

Toughness: 10
Reaction: 10
Actions 1


Born and raised in Willamina, Oregon, Richard left home at 16 to work in West Salem. After three years in a merchant’s stall there he spent two years traveling the Cascade Mountains before returning home to Willamina to set up shop with his new wife Natalie.

On April 27th, 2420 Richard’s wife, Natalie, was taken by Slavers. After helping the PC’s rescue his wife and securing the slaver’s compound outside of West Salem Richard established a new and defensible village called Richard’s Hope. It is currently populated by freed slaves from the compound and Richard has been elected mayor in light of the daring rescue. His position could be in jeapordy though if he is unable to prove himself as a leader.

Richard Wile

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