Scorched Earth

The Story so far . . .

I allowed myself to slack off for a couple of sessions and suddenly it was all too much work to get everything added. Despite the fact that we’re on an extended (indefinite) break I want get at least a summary of events posted so that we have a record of the story so far.

Storming the Vault: The Adventures of Malar
Shifting Shadows

While Plato, Red and Lantus descend to level 4 of the vault in order to retrieve the water chip, Malar remains above in the security office. He has just familiarized himself with the security cameras, intercom and several door locks when he spots Red and Lantus pinned down by a security bot in one of the corridors on level 4.

On the road again
Leaping coyotes and scorpion men!

After spending a year recuperating in the ex-slaver compound with Richard and the freed slaves who decided to stay and make it their home the party decided to act on some of the information Lantus had acquired over the course of the year.

The Assault
Corpse Ramps

When last we left our . . . heroes . . . they had just finished massacring around 25 slavers (in groups of 3-6) patrolling the outer walls of the compound where Richard’s wife was being held. Due to poor communication plans among the slavers (they are slavers, not ex-military geniuses) there was no check in protocal and, as a result, many, many slaver patrols were killed by Lantus, Sal, Malar, Plato and Red with the help of silencers and scopes. Not until one lucky slaver got a shout of warning out did they encounter any real danger. Shortly a group of 12 came stalking cautiously around the compound wall and the ensuing un-silenced gun battle gave the remaining slavers clear warning of the danger to come. Our heroes escaped this battle mostly unscathed except for a Lethal wound to Sal.

Getting On With It
Meeting people and killing slavers

April 28th, 2420-

Lantus, Plato, Red, Malar and Richard made their way across West Salem and the Willamette river into Salem itself. The guards at the gate between West Salem and Salem didn’t trouble them any and in just a few hours they were standing in front of The Broken Glass at high noon. Typical, really.

Getting Under Way
In which the characters come together

It is April 27, 2420, Plato, Malar, Red and Lantus have each drifted into the scraptown of Willamina, Oregon, between 6 months to a year ago to lick their wounds and lay low, though only Plato and Malar knew each other at the time. While they have become acquaintances, they have not formed solid bonds of friendship, . . . until now.


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